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Study plan

Study is for the student!

We offer Study to the student who has a greater need for uploading texts to notes. As a Study user, you receive monthly 50 tokens equivalent to 300.000 characters. In addition, Study unlocks the user far more features than our basic plan does.
We try to keep the prices down at NoteHlp, and we have also done with the Study subscription. The price is €6.25 incl. VAT monthly, which means that the amount will be automatically deducted each month after creation.

Key functions

Upload a PDF file

Allowed File Types

With Study you are allowed to upload PDF files. PDF is a common file format and there is more than 2.5 trillion PDF files in the world. We read the uploaded PDF file and then analyse the text with images as usual.
Adjust your notes length with our slider percentage

Smart Slider

Adjust your notes length with our slider. The most used feature we have is without a doubt our slider function. We give the user the option to adjust the notes length with the slider. As Standard the slider is set to 15%, which gives a nice medium-length note result. But with the slider, users can easily change the percentage down to 1% and maximum up to 100%. This gives the user a perfect option to fit the notes for the need.
The text divided into multiple categories

Content Classification

With more than 300 categories we are able to classify the content of your text. It gives you a quick overview of what the text is about and contains. For example, if you have uploaded a text around World War II, we will most likely indicate the following categories: Law & Government, Military, Humanities and History.
We are linking out to Wikipedia

Keywords -> Wikipedia

As a Study user, you will not only get a few keywords ranked by importance. If we can find a Wikipedia page, which is about the individual keyword, then we refer to that page. For example, it could be an uploaded text about Pearl Harbor, where the former President of the United States appears (Franklin D. Roosevelt), then we would link to his Wikipedia's page, because he is relevant to the text.
Add keywords to help NoteHlp

Add Keywords

Are you not satisfied with how NoteHlp sees the text? Well, you can easily help us by providing keywords to target your notes. After entering keywords, NoteHlp will automatically update the result with new keywords and notes. Categories won't change since it's based on the whole of the text.
Livechat support

Part of Speech

In addition to the text summary, we also highlight word classes in your text. You can easily switch between which word classes you would like to highlight. They will be marked with a unique background color for each class.

Does it sound cool? Well, get started! Sign up for Study here