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Cookie policy

Yep! We are using cookies

We use cookies on our 2 sites, the platform and the website here. The main reason we use cookies is that we like to improve our product. We make weekly statistics of behavior on our product, where we as an organization will improve the system based on these reports.

Website cookies

By using our website, you automatically accept our cookie policy as a visitor. We use cookies to collect information about your behavior on our website, to improve our product. We do not collect personally identifiable information that would violate your privacy, but information about the traffic on our website.

Platform cookies

By using our platform you have already accepted our cookie policy as a user. In our Terms & Conditions, we have a point where the user accepts retrieval of legitimate information of the user's traffic. We do not store personal information via. cookies, which means that payment information, etc. does not belong to this item. The purpose is only to improve the product according to your needs.

Wondering what a cookie is?

A cookie is a small text file that allows to store information or access already stored information on the user's PC, smartphone, tablet or similar, for the purpose of retrieving data about the user.