Classify your text using NoteHlp

Classify your text using NoteHlp

September 18th, 2018
content classification
September 18th

NoteHlp classifies the content of your text and divides it into categories. The perfect way of getting a short teaser.

We can do more than a text summary
With more than 300 different categories, we have the ability to divide your text as specifically as possible. The high amount of categories also insures a greater accuracy on each category we choose. Our Content Classification is based on the entire document. Every sentence is considered but it’s the text’s overall categories that will be chosen.

Content Classification give students a quick overview of their text material. It’s a perfect way to get a short teaser before reading the text summary. We most likely choose between 1 and 5 categories and each one of those potentially also have a parent category.

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Let us take you through the process with an example
We’ve uploaded a text and it’s about the Second World War (WWII). If we take a look on the “Content Classification” section, this is what we get in return:

We’ve been given 3 different categories and 2 of them even have parent categories. It seems like NoteHlp did a great job here on classifying the content. The accuracy score is 96% on the highest and 81% on lowest which overall is a really good result.

Our Content Classification tool requires Study subscription plan but you can try it for free with the trial version. Study also unlocks Part Of Speech and you are able to upload PDF Documents.

User testimonials

Sebastian Dalsted
Copenhagen Business Scool
NoteHlp speeds up my daily studies and provides a complete overview of all my notes. This gives me the time to focus on own business and the things I enjoy!
Magnus E. Patterson
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has been a great help in my life as a student. On a daily basis, you have to read long subject texts, using modern technology this program is designed to shorten the most relevant information.
Emilie Kruse
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has changed the way I study and how I acquirer new knowledge. It has fastened my process and I can now generate more valuable results in a shorter amount of time.

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