NoteHlp summarizes your text using AI

NoteHlp summarizes your text using AI

September 13th, 2018
AI Text Summary
September 13th

Students can upload a text from their latest history class and NoteHlp will process the text using Artificial Intelligence (AI). A few seconds after the text has been analysed you’re ready. NoteHlp will load in the analysis including the AI Text Summary.

Explaining the AI Text Summary:
You are probably thinking: How is it even possible? The short answer is by using deep learning AI algorithms. We’re learning the structure and the interactions between human languages and computers. It’s called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and it is focused on analyzing large amounts of natural language data.

A text summary is a way of introducing a text. The summary must contain major points of the text. It needs to be short and at the same time understandable.

NoteHlp gives you 15 percent of the major points of the text. This can easily be modified with our smart slider feature. By dragging the slider between 1% and 100% it automatically adjust the length of the summary. To ensure that the selected sentences makes sense, we’ve created a flow where we also show a sentence before and after if necessary.

Most of the selected sentences contains keywords and they are marked with a sky blue color. It looks like someone painted them with a brush. They are also ranked on a list next to the text summary with a type indicator (Location, Event, Person, Organization). Sometimes if you are lucky, there will be a Wikipedia reference of the keyword.

In addition to the text summary, we also classify the content, analyse the sentiment, highlight all word classes and much more.

Our vision is to make students perform better using the technology and science there is available. We keep optimizing our text summarization tool and the best way by doing that is with user experience. If you would like to try it out then go ahead and sign up it’s free!

User testimonials

Sebastian Dalsted
Copenhagen Business Scool
NoteHlp speeds up my daily studies and provides a complete overview of all my notes. This gives me the time to focus on own business and the things I enjoy!
Magnus E. Patterson
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has been a great help in my life as a student. On a daily basis, you have to read long subject texts, using modern technology this program is designed to shorten the most relevant information.
Emilie Kruse
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has changed the way I study and how I acquirer new knowledge. It has fastened my process and I can now generate more valuable results in a shorter amount of time.

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