NoteHlp helps students manage their lengthy and tedious texts in just seconds

NoteHlp helps students manage their lengthy and tedious texts in just seconds

September 3rd, 2018
notehlp helps students manage their texts
September 3rd

When students receive a text on 30 pages in class and they don't have much time to read and understand the core of it. This is where NoteHlp is your best friend.

NoteHlp summarizes your text in the matter of seconds. We return a short intelligent summary of your text including exactly 15% of the most vital points. You can simply adjust the summary length if you want it to be shorter or longer.

The selected sentences are highlighted with keywords that have a beautiful sky blue background. These words are also provided at the keyword section where you are able to read more about the specific words. Pssst, we also tell you if the keyword is a Location, Organization, Person or Event!

To ensure that the selected sentences makes sense, we’ve created a flow where we also show a sentence before and after if necessary. The text summary tool is free for everyone but you have the option of upgrading your account to receive following benefits: Content Classification (Text divided into categories), Part Of Speech (Highlight all different word classes), Sentiment Analysis (See which sentences are determined as positive or negative) & being able to upload PDF Documents.

Our platform also work as a “normal” note program so after you’ve  created your notes, they are saved on your account in the cloud. If you are studying with a classmate, and you are working together with the same text  you can simply share the full analysis with each other.

We have made our platform of knowledge about language structure with a high volume of data. We are based on big data and it’s necessary for constructing the best possible result for our users. We are currently solely operating with English texts. But we are working on German, French, Spanish, Chinese etc. in our development pipeline.

User testimonials

Sebastian Dalsted
Copenhagen Business Scool
NoteHlp speeds up my daily studies and provides a complete overview of all my notes. This gives me the time to focus on own business and the things I enjoy!
Magnus E. Patterson
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has been a great help in my life as a student. On a daily basis, you have to read long subject texts, using modern technology this program is designed to shorten the most relevant information.
Emilie Kruse
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has changed the way I study and how I acquirer new knowledge. It has fastened my process and I can now generate more valuable results in a shorter amount of time.

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