6 reasons why students should use NoteHlp

6 reasons why students should use NoteHlp

August 28th, 2018
students using notehlp
August 28th

You may have heard of AI (Artificial Intelligence) before and it probably seems incomprehensible for some. At NoteHlp we use AI for a lot of cool things and especially with our 6 reasons why students should use NoteHlp.

1)   A quick overview of your text material
The first time you receive a text and you have to start working with it, it could be very nice just to know what the text really is about. NoteHlp classifies the content of the text and evaluates it regarding to the category it belongs to.

2)   Get an Intelligent Text Summary where NoteHlp selects the most important points
What! Is it actually happening? Yes. When you are working with extensive text materials and need to shorten it down and maybe get an alternative understanding of the text, then NoteHlp is definitely worth having. The best part is; it’s free.

  You don’t have to look up word classes
We introduce NoteHlp Part of Speech. Users can with a single click get all kinds of word classes highlighted in the uploaded text. Our text analysis ensures quality and uses artificial intelligence for each sentence to be understood correctly.

  Read the text with positive, negative or neutral eyes
NoteHlp collects all positive and negative sentences in the text. We sort the sentences with the highest or lowest value before displaying them neatly to you. This can be very useful when you are working with feelings and emotions in a sentence structure.

  Search through the text with our keyword tool
This part right here, lets you search for exactly what you need to know more about. Simply search through the text with your provided keywords. If you need to have more information about a certain location or person in the text, then this tool is great.

  Use your time more efficiently
Studying is often pure time pressure. Working with deadlines means you have to be effective. With NoteHlp you can manage a lengthy and tedious text in just a few seconds.

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User testimonials

Sebastian Dalsted
Copenhagen Business Scool
NoteHlp speeds up my daily studies and provides a complete overview of all my notes. This gives me the time to focus on own business and the things I enjoy!
Magnus E. Patterson
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has been a great help in my life as a student. On a daily basis, you have to read long subject texts, using modern technology this program is designed to shorten the most relevant information.
Emilie Kruse
Niels Brock Business College
NoteHlp has changed the way I study and how I acquirer new knowledge. It has fastened my process and I can now generate more valuable results in a shorter amount of time.

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